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Scarf can be long, triangular, square and other shapes around the neck. The fabrics are generally made of wool, cotton, silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester and other materials. They are usually used to keep warm, but also can be beautiful, clean or Wear it for religion.


Historical development of Our ancient human ancestors, in ancient times, those skins that won were given as rewards to those worthy of recognition. That is to say, the initial appearance of the scarf is not only for the physiological needs of keeping warm, but a kind of spiritual comfort and encouragement.


Modern scarves are textiles used for warm and dust-proof decorations such as collars, shawls and touhou. Use cotton, silk, wool and chemical fibers as raw materials. There are three processing methods: organic weaving, knitting and hand-knitting.


According to the shape of the fabric, it is divided into two types: square scarf and long scarf. If the square scarf is cut diagonally, it becomes a triangular scarf after sewing. There are plain color, color grid and printing varieties. In order to make the hand feel soft, clear stripes, firm and durable, most of the woven squares are made of plain weave, twill weave or satin weave.



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If you are looking for scarf manufacturers in China, there are many options available. However, not all of them are created equal. There are a few things you should look for when choosing a scarf manufacturer in China.


1. Make sure the manufacturer is reputable and has a good track record. There are many fly-by-night companies in China that will take your money and run. Do your research and make sure the company is legitimate before doing business with them.


2. Make sure the manufacturing process is up to your standards. You should visit the factory and see how the scarves are made before placing an order. This will help ensure that you are getting a high-quality product.


3. Make sure the price is right. Chinese manufacturers are known for their competitive prices. However, you should still get quotes from several different manufacturers to make sure you are getting the best price possible.


Use methods


The Chinese scarf method is commonly used in China for scarves:


this method is also known as the“Double knot” method because it involves tying the scarf into a double knot. First, take one end of the scarf and make a circle. Then, put the other end of the scarf through the ring. Next, tighten the ends of the scarf to form a double knot.


Finally, adjust the loops to make them even. Chinese scarf knot, also known as Bow, is a kind of decorative scarf. This knot is usually used to fasten the ends of scarves or belts The permit holder shall, no later than one month.


To tie a Chinese scarf knot, first fold the scarf in half lengthwise. Then, make a basic knot in the center of the fold. Next, circle the ends of the scarf. Cross the rings with each other and insert one end into the created hole. Finally, pull the ends of the scarf until the knot is firmly around the neck.



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