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How to create a brand recognized by young consumers?
How to empower the jewelry industry with new technologies and new trends?

We must be clear that the essence of the existence of the jewelry industry is that consumers have a demand for wearing jewelry, and value preservation is only an additional attribute of jewelry. Therefore, how to carry out "demand chain management" centered on consumers and provide consumers with "products and services" that exceed expectations is the key to success for enterprises in the jewelry industry. This is one of them, that is, how the jewellery industry can truly achieve "user-centered" with the help of technology.


Since the extensive development of the jewellery industry, there are common problems in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, such as low level of informationization, weak system control capabilities, and extensive operation. These problems lead to the lack of market feedback information in upstream factories and inaccurate style development; wholesalers and retailers purchase goods based on experience, no product planning, and lack of refined management; to the consumer side, it is reflected in the serious homogeneity of products that cannot satisfy consumers. The demand for fashionable wear and the demand for extreme consumer experience have further led to common pain points such as a large number of unsalable funds in the industry, slow turnover of goods, and low capital turnover.


With the continuous penetration of new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, new retail, new species and other polynomials generally impact all walks of life, and consumers are undergoing generational changes, how should the jewelry industry and its practitioners take advantage of the new Technology solves the pain points of the industry, seizes consumption trends, and changes the status of international brands dominating the high-frequency jewelry market. This is the second.
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Considering the characteristics and pain points of the industry, combined with the current changes in the retail industry, we believe that the future direction of change in the jewelry industry will also be to realize the digitization and standardization of the complete industry chain through digitalization, artificial intelligence, and industrial collaboration. It is deeply integrated with business logic, and is driven by terminal consumption needs, deeply integrated consumption scenarios, and consumption methods under the mobile Internet to achieve a complete transformation of industry production and consumption. At the same time, data is used to help jewelry distributors achieve the optimal allocation of goods and assets; to help jewelry manufacturers achieve on-demand production, flexible supply, and reduce invalid inventory, and ultimately achieve "user-centric" to meet their needs, and achieve industry innovation, Empowerment and efficiency.

To empower the jewellery industry with new technologies, you first need to understand the industry participants and their key pain points, followed by current technology and future trends, and how the technology can empower participants in various links.

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