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Dots scarves

What is the matching method of polka dot scarf?

The first is to hang the polka-dot scarf directly on the neck, the ends can be crossed naturally, and then stuffed into a suit or jacket. The second method is to wrap the polka-dot scarf around your neck at will. The length of the scarf can be used to determine the number of turns. Finally, it can be knotted on the side or the back. This method is very suitable for cold winter days and has a strong warmth retention effect. The third is to hang the polka-dot scarf around the neck and then wrap it around the neck, and then tie the ends to the chest. After the knot is tied, it can be placed neatly or naturally on the chest. The fourth is to put one end on the chest and the other end on the shoulder. This is a very simple method. Fifth, wrap the polka-dot scarf around your neck, with both ends hanging down on your chest naturally.

Dots scarves - Dreamwork Fashion jewelry

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    What is dots scarves? Dots scarves, triangle, square and other shapes that can be wrapped around the neck. The fabric is generally made of wool, cotton, silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester and other materials. It has a soft hand feeling, clear lines, and firmness. Durable. Not only can keep warm and cold, but also a must-have fashion item.


    Dots scarves


    Dreamwork Fashion jewelry is a leading supplier of fashion accessories in China. We combine innovation, hard work and focus on customer needs to provide new products.


    Dots scarves manufacturer


    Dreamwork Fashion jewelry is a professional supplier of Dots scarves, with unique product design, fashionable style and very individuality, which is deeply loved by customers.


    Dreamwork Fashion jewelry is a professional supplier of Dots scarves with complete specifications and high quality. We sincerely invite domestic and foreign agents. The quality of Dots scarves has passed national certification. Welcome new and old customers to call and book in batches. >>>More products

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